Logloc Luggage Locator

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Travel with a peace of mind using LugLoc. LugLoc can be tracked where GPS can’t. The LE Bluetooth technology allows you to detect your luggage inside the plane when it is not moving. Simply place the LugLoc in your luggage, and tap the app in your smartphone to trace. There is no membership fee or contracts to deal with. Just buy the traces though the app. So you only pay for what you use. The battery will last over 15 days while in “on” mode.

Lugloc Luggage Locator Features:

  • Dimensions 4.1" X 3" X 0.4"
  • Weight 7 oz
  • Color Black

Lugloc Luggage Locator is a bluetooth bag locator that includes 15 days of unlimited traces. After 15 days you can purchase 5 traces for $6.99. 10 traces are available for $9.99 and unlimited traces are $29.99. Never lose your luggage at the airport again.

Lucloc Luggage Locator Tutorial Video


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