Luggage Scale Digital USB Balanzza
Luggage Scale Digital USB Balanzza

Luggage Scale Digital USB Balanzza

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No more worries about changing batteries! Balanzza USB luggage scale with recharge using any USB connection. It takes a total of 18 minutes to fully charge and the battery will last for 6 months in standby. Compact luggage scale has an ergonomic shape that lets you lift luggage and objects easily. The screen is located on the upper side of the scale so it’s easy to see while lifting with one hand. Just wait for the beep to sound if lifting with two hands.

Balanzza USB Digital Luggage Scale Features:

  • Dimensions 4.75" X 1.5" X 0.75"
  • Weight 8 oz
  • USB charging cord and strap
  • Style # BZ200G

Balanzza USB Digital Luggage Scale allows you to weigh your luggage at home or at the hotel so you baggage does not go over the airline's weight limit. Ergonimic grip handles make the scale easy to hold while weighing your suitcase. Always check with your airline to find out the allowed weight limit of suitcases and carry on. USB port allows you to charge your luggage scale via USB cord connected to your laptop, or power outlet. No more looking for replacement batteries for your luggage scale.

New USB recharging Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale Mini makes it easier to lift heavy luggage, with one or two hands, you can still wait for the beep to set it down, or simply look at the screen while lifting it and set it right down. Positioning of the screen makes it easier to see the scale reading while lifting it. Its patented structure and functionality make it easy to lift, wait for the beep, and set it down. Use it at home to weigh your children’s backpack, or the holiday gifts you are planning to ship, or that occasional parcel that needs to be sent. Make sure to bring it with you on your trips so you are safe from the overweight luggage fees. Even use it at the office for those small and medium size packages that need to be weighed before shipping. USB charger cord included so you can recharge your luggage scale and forget about the hassle of dealing with batteries.