Black Luggage Strap with Lock Unbuckled Position
Luggage Strap with TSA Combination Lock
Luggage Strap with TSA Combination Lock

Luggage Strap with TSA Combination Lock

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Luggage Strap with TSA approved 3-Dial Combination Lock is a great way to secure your luggage when you travel. Easy push button release to release the luggage strap from around your luggage. Travel Sentry Lock allows TSA to unlock with a master key if TSA personnel need to search your luggage - any lock with a Travel Sentry mark can be left lock when you check in your luggage. Luggage Straps are a useful tool when you travel because it keeps your luggage secured from accidental opening or tampering. 

Available in colors Black and Green

Luggage Strap with TSA Approved Lock Features:

  • Weight 8 oz
  • Dimensions 6" X 2.5" X1.75"
  • 3-Dial TSA Recognized Lock
  • Style #2ST

Durable Luggage Strap is 2 inches wide and adjust from 42 inches long up to 80 inches long to accommodate various luggage sizes. You can set your own 3 digit combination lock so only you and your travel partner know the combination.

Now you can check in your luggage with confidence that is wont burst open in transit.  Protect your belongings the next time your fly.  Use the Luggage Strap with TSA Recognized Travel Sentry lock to safely lock your luggage.  Airline check-in personnel have been trained to recognize locks with the Travel Sentry mark and know that your luggage can remain locked during check-in.  If an inspection is necessary during screening, the TSA personnel can quickly use an approved Travel Sentry secured tool to safely open and relock your locked luggage.


To Set Your Personal Combination:

The Luggage Strap with TSA Lock comes preset at the factory to unlock at 0-0-0.  To set your own combination -

1) Center dials at the 0-0-0 unlock position

2) Slide gray lock release button toward dials and press in to open buckle

3) Pull away buckle end

4) With buckle open place a ball point pen or other pointed object on the end of the silver-colored combination setter pin

5) Push in and hold combination setter pin and and move dials to your desired combination

6) Release combination setter pin and your new combination is set - IMPORTANT: Store your combination in a safe place

8) Spin dials to secure the lock

To Use Luggage Strap

1) Center the dials to unlock posiiton

2) Slide gray lock release button toward dials and press in to release buckle ends

3) Place strap around suitcase and through handle, moving the slider to adjust the length - Note: Passing the strap through suitcase handle will keep strap attached to suitcase if strap loosens during travel

4)Reinsert buckle end until it snaps in place

5) Spin dials to secure the lock