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Lumbar Support Back Pillow

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Lumbar Support back pillow is an inflatable pillow that feels like a real pillow. Whether you are traveling, in the office, or at home, this back pillow by Design Go will provide the support you need with its unique air-foam-fleece triple comfort combination. For use while traveling or while home. Lumbar back support pillow helps give a more comfortable back posture. Lumbar Pillow from Design Go is easy to inflate and packs small. Fold your pillow up and pack it in your carry on, then after your flight takes off and reaches altitude inflate your pillow for back support, knee support or as a head pillow. 

Lumbar Support Back Pillow from Design Go Features:

  • Size Inflated 12.5" x 9"
  • Size Folded 6.5" x 5"
  • Material PVC and Polyester
  • Style # 451
With this inflatable, comfy foam layered back support you would think you have brought a real pillow! All it takes is a few puffs of air and you are ready to go. It will support your lower back during long flights and provide the correct lumbar support many chairs are missing. You could even sit on it during long concerts or sporting events.