Matador Daylite 16 Backpack
Matador Daylite 16 Backpack
Matador Daylite 16 Backpack Worn By Woman In Snow Grey
Matador Daylite 16 Backpack
Matador Daylite 16 Backpack
Matador Daylite 16 Backpack
Exploring Rome with Grey Daylite 16 Backpack
Closeup of Grey DL16 Backpack Matador
Matador DL16 Indigo Blue Backpack Worn By Woman Hiking in Hills
Matador Daylite16 Blue Backpack

Matador Daylite 16 Backpack

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Matador Daylite 16 Backpack is a weatherproof packable backpack that folds up to fit in the palm of your hand. Matador DL16 Backpack has a 16 liter capacity, perfect for a hiking day pack or exploring a new city while traveling. Matador DL16 Backpack is available in colors grey and dipped Indigo blue. FREE SHIPPING!

Matador DL16 Backpack Features:

  • Dimensions 18" x 12" / 46 cm x 30.5 cm
  • Weight 4.25 oz / 125 g
  • Capacity 16 liters
  • Material waterproof 30D CORDURA®
  • Style # DL16001

Good things come in small packages. The Matador DL16 is no exception. This weatherproof, packable backpack uses the finest materials available in the outdoor industry to offer superior performance in the smallest possible package. The perfect size for a hiking day pack or exploring the city while traveling. Packs away to fit in the palm of your hand so you can take it with you anywhere. Keep your lightweight backpack in the trunk of your car in case you ever need an extra bag. Matador Daylite16 Backpack is available in colors Indigo Blue (Steelblue) and Gray.

Matador Daylite 16 liter backpack is made from a waterproof 30D Cordura material and is super lightweight, weighing just 4.25 ounces. Zippers feature water resistant sealing so you don't have to worry about getting caught in the rain. Adjustable, and breathable shoulder straps are comfortable and adjust to the wearers statue.

Matador DL 16 Backpack also comes with a compact attached storage bag so you can easily pack your backpack in your carry on suitcase when traveling. Matador packable backpack is available in two colors grey and blue.

Matador DL 16 Backpack Features Diagram

Matador Daylite 16 Backpack Video

Matador Indigo by Matador Video

About Matador Brand

Matador was born in a 10x10 foot San Francisco bedroom in 2014 when the founders stumbled on a trend; people sitting outside on their coats or lugging bulky blankets across town to the parks and beaches. Matdor founders thought there has to be a better solution, and that's when the Matador Pocket Blanket was born.
What started as a pocket-sized blanket that unfolds to seat 4 became a passion for designing and developing packable adventure gear. It’s a totally new category that the Matador brand is introducing to the world. Matador's mission is to make your travels and adventures more convenient through high quality packable gear.
Quickly outgrowing that San Francisco bedroom, the company relocated to colorful Boulder, Colorado (where the streets meet the mountains) in 2015. Matador believes in staying true to their roots and Boulder is an adventure mecca.  Matador uses the local mountains, rivers, and plains as our testing grounds and we think there’s no better place for it.  All of Matador's products are designed entirely by their team in the Boulder office. Every team member is passionate about the outdoors, travel, and adventure. This passion translates into well designed, thoroughly tested, highly capable products that you can depend on.

You’ve never seen Matador products on Kickstarter and Matador is not VC funded. As a proudly bootstrapped start-up, Matador does not have any outside influence from investors. The Matador team just creates products they love, put them out there, and hope you love them too. Matador company is funded solely by loyal customer base.

With a focus on the future, Matador is using their strengths in consumer research, design, and cutting edge material technology to continue developing the innovative products that their customers expect. Matador is working hard at expanding product offerings all while staying true to their packable adventure gear roots. You can find Matador in over 2000 stores worldwide including Going In Style Stanford Travel Store and here on the web. Matador can’t believe they have come so far, so fast - the road ahead seems wide open and Matador is really excited to share future products with you.

In a world full of high-tech devices, traffic jams, and constant connectivity, the Matador mantra is more important now than ever. So go ahead, "Put yourself out there”.

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