Set of Two Nalgene Cream Jars with Liquid Inside

Nalgene Cream Jars Set of Two

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Nalgene Cream Jars are guaranteed to be leak proof. These handy containers fit easily into your toiletry kit and there is no worrying about them leaking their contents.  Cream Jars will not leak and will last you for many travels.  Nalgene jars will adjust to a wide temperature range.  Great for traveling with lotions, creams and serums  Can also be used for depotting lipstick and makeup. Set of two jars one 1 oz jar and one 2 oz jar for organizing your toiletries when you travel. TSA compliant jars are perfect for packing in your carry on luggage.

Nalgene Cream Jars Features:

  • Leak Proof
  • Broad temperature range
  • 1 oz and 2 oz set of two jars