Nano UV Disinfecting Scanner Zadro

Nano-UV disinfecting light scanner safely kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Surfaces become virtually germ-free after a quick 10 second sweep! Ultraviolet C-light is the same technology already proven effective in hospitals, water treatment plants, food processing plants, air cleaners, toothbrush sanitizers, and more.

Nano UV Disinfection Scanner Features:

  • 10 Second Auto Timer
  • Two AAA Batteries (included) for an Estimated 3000 Scannings
  • Dimensions 3.75" X 1.75" When Closed


Nano UV Disinfection Scanner safely kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses within 10 seconds.  The Nano-UV Disinfecting Scanner is easy to use - simply pass the scanner above the surface of your bed or desk to disinfect.

The Nano UV-A, UV-B and UV-C light uses multi-wave length between 185 and 365 nano meters to safely kill germs.  The estimated bulb life is 4000 hours so you take your UV Light Scanner on all your trips.

Plus, the Nano-UV™ Scanner consumes less energy than common UVC devices and includes 2 AAA batteries, so you never have to worry about charging or plugging it in.

About the size of a flip phone (3.75" x 1.75" when closed), this lightweight scanner is conveniently designed for on-the-go travel in your pocket, purse, glove box, or desk drawer.

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