Eagle Creek Clear Compression Sac in Size Medium

Pack-It Compression Bags Eagle Creek - Medium

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Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac in Medium size is perfect for packing bulky clothes, coats, socks, underwear and dirty laundry.  The clear, see through bag makes it easy to see everything you packed. Medium Pack-It Compression Bags can reduce the volume of garments up to 80%.  Patented on-way pressure valve makes compression the bag simple and easy.  Patented zip closure at the top keeps air, dirt and oil out.

Pack-It Compressor Sac Bag in Medium Features:

  • Capacity 380 cu / 6L
  • Dimensions 15.5" X 24.5"
  • Material polyethylene nylon reinforced


Remove excess air from bulky garments using Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ Compression Sacs and save up to 80% of your packing volume. These durable nylon-reinforced compression bags are handy for saving space or for getting your dirty laundry home without mixing it with the rest of your bag. So next time you want to bring an extra jacket, you can! Just put it inside a compressor sac, zip it closed and roll it up. You’ll hear the excess air releasing through the one-way patented valves. We aim to please!

Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sacs