Medium Pack It Sac in the Color Blue Filled with Tissue, Makeup, Hair Brush
Pack - It Sac Medium Eagle Creek

Pack - It Sac Medium Eagle Creek

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Eagle Creek's Pack-It Organizing Medium Sac is perfect for packing your power cords, chargers, electronics, video games, toiletries and any small items you need to stay organized on your trip. Pack-It Medium Sized Sac lets you systematize your packing when you travel.  The Medium Pack-It Sac can be packed inside your backpack, purse, carry-on or checked luggage. Smart LinkSeal Mesh fabric will protect your luggage from spills and moisture.  Mesh material lets you see exactly what you packed inside for your trip.

Pack-It Sac Medium Eagle Creek Features:

  • Weight 1.5 oz
  • Material LinkSeal Mesh Fabric
  • Dimensions 10" X 8"
  • Style # 41213

A million and one uses. Use Pack-It™ Sacs to organize your toiletries, cords and receipts, reading materials or any of those smaller items that usually get lost inside your larger travel bag. Made from spill-resistant, laminated mesh, they help keep leaks from getting out. The original Pack-It Sac has a corner carry clip to clip to your backpack.  Whether you are trying to stay organized on your daily commute or on an international adventure, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Sacs are perfect for storing all your things.


Eagle Creek Packing Sac Organizer Video


Eagle Creek Packing Organization Video