PacSafe Carrysafe 100 Travel Camera Strap

The Pacsafe Carrysafe 100 offers a secure camera strap featuring a slash proof wire, reinforced neck strap, and the design allows the strap to attach to a camera case or hook around a secure fixture to prevent theft when not on your neck. Designed with the photography enthusiast and traveller in mind, the Carrysafe 100 Camera Strap is made of rugged durable material.  The strong fabric stands up to adventure trips and holidays while innovative anti-theft features work hard to outsmart those looking to steal your gear and memories.

PacSafe CarrySafe 100 Camera Strap Features:

  • Material nylon, Neoprene Padding, High Tensile Stainless Steel Wire
  • Dimensions Width 0.7" Max Length 44.5"
  • Weight 4.4 oz
  • Style # 15260

Carrysafe 100 Camera Strap Video

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