Paper Shower Wet Dry Towlette 12 Pack Travel Set

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Paper Shower Original Wet Dry Towlette is a great solution for freshening up on road trips, long commutes, while camping or while going on a long hike. Paper Shower comes with one individually wrapped wet wipe and one individually wrapped dry wipe. First use the moist towel to wipe down your hands, face, and feet, then apply the dry towelette to dry off your hands, face and feet. Great to take on subway commutes to clean up germy hands. Also great to take to the beach to clean up sand after a day in the sun. Comes in a set of 12 Wet Dry Wipes

Paper Shower Original Wet Dry Towlette 12 Pack Features:

  • Dimension of towelette 9" X 12"
  • Dimensions package 5" X 5.5" and package can be folded in half
  • Unscented
  • Durable fray and tear resistant

These gentle yet effective wipes contain soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, ingredient derived from coconut oil and the main ingredient is water. for healthful living. The combination of wet and dry towelettes are designed to provide a refreshing body wipe when on the go. The wet towelette is uniquely designed to release the maximum amount of fluid when applied to the skin. The dry towelette is uniquely designed to efficiently absorb the excess wet towelette fluid without removing the integrated moisturizing ingredients from the skin. Paper Shower Original is the world’s first combination wet and dry towelette pack. Great for bicyclists, runners, campers, travelers, hikers, commuters, picnics, playgrounds and at the beach. Designed to provide you with a refreshing body wipe when on the go when soap & water are not available. Paper Showers Wet Dry Wipes are great for bicyclists, runners, campers, travelers, hikers, boaters, commuters, golfers, picnics, beaches playground motorcyclists.

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Need to freshen up but don't have access to soap or water? Paper Shower offers a freshen up on the go solution. Use the disposable wet and dry wipes to clean up and wash your hands before you eat when fresh water is not available.

Made in USA

Partially made from recycled material.

Do not flush


Our super large wet towelettes are saturated with a specially formulated water-base solution to clean and moisturize your entire body. Their low alcohol content along with the added moisturizer means your skin will not dry out after usage.


Our body wipe is teamed with an extra large dry towelette. Soft and durable, it will absorb any excess water, dirt and sweat from your skin.


You will be left feeling clean and fresh. Paper Shower body wipes are a great alternative when taking a shower is not an option.

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