First Aid Travel Medic Medical Kit for diarrhea, upset stomach, pain, fever and more...

First Aid Travel Medic Medical Care Kit

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First Aid Travel Medic by Adventure Medical Kits will take care of the most common first aid situations you will encounter when traveling such as blisters, cuts and scrapes, insect bites and headaches.  Medications are included for pain, fever and inflammation.

Travel Medic Travel First Aid Care Kit Features:

  • Dimensions 0.75" X 4.5" X 5"
  • Weight 3.2 oz
  • Medication, Dressings and Blister Treatment
  • Style # 0130-0417

Kit includes diarrhea and upset stomach, anti acid treatment. Wash up towelettes for hygiene when treating cuts, burns and scrapes. All of these first aid supplies are stored in one convenient travel pouch. Pocket Medic Travel Firs Aid Kit is perfect for vacations, weekend trips or as a compliment to a larger first aid kit.

The Travel Medic is sized to fit in your carry-on bag so you always have basic first aid supplies with you. Contains blister supplies to keep you on your feet, medications to treat stomach upset, pain, and fever, and bandages to treat minor injuries. Packed in a durable, reusable, and lightweight pouch - this is your take-it-everywhere kit.

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Ultralight, travel size Medic pouches weigh next to nothing, fit just about anywhere, and keep water out of your kit. Manage Pain and Illnesses Medications to treat pain, inflammation, and common allergies. Care for Cuts and Scrapes Antiseptic wipes, ointment, and bandages take the sting out of everyday injuries.

Pocket Medic First Aid Travel Care Kit Includes

Cuts and Scrapes

5 - Adhesive Bandages, knuckle and strip

2 - Butterfly closures

3 - After scrape wipes

1 - Triple antibiotic ointment 1/32 oz

Pain, Allergy and Fever

4 - Ibuprofen - pain and fever

4 - Acetaminophen - inflammation and fever

2 - Antihistamine - allergy

Diarrhea and Upset Stomach

4 - Diotame - upset stomach

2 - Diamode - antidiarrheal

4 - Antacid - heartburn and stomach ache

Mini Blister Medic Kit

1 - Glacier Gel Blister and Burn Dressing

11 - Moleskin, pre - cut and shaped

3 - Alcohol Swab


2 - Wash up Towelettes


2 - Safety pins for clothing repair and more

Please note: Some medications may not be available in products sold outside of the US, additional items may be substituted.