Poncho and Pouch Emergency Rain Gear 2 Ponchos - Design Go

Poncho and Pouch Emergency Rain Wear clips onto any belt, rucksack or backpack.  Convenient and easy to store emergency rain gear.  One size fits all ponchos are the perfect emergency rain wear for you and a friend.  Attach the pouch to your purse or bag or keep the ponchos in your glove box so you can always stay dry when it is raining.

Poncho and Pouch Emergency Rain Gear Features:

  • 2 Ponchos
  • One Pouch with Clip
  • Dimensions 51" X 370"
  • Length 36"
  • Weight 4 oz
  • Material LDPE, Polyester  

Be prepared, whatever the weather, with these waterproof ponchos and handy pouch. Containing 2 rain ponchos and a drawstring pouch for convenient storage, this emergency rainwear will ensure you don't get caught out. Compact, lightweight and featuring an integrated belt clip, the pouch attaches easily to any rucksack, bag or clothing.

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