Snuggy Soft Travel Pillow Design Go
Woman sleeping in hotel with Snuggy Soft Travel Pillow Design Go
Man napping on airplane with Snuffy Soft Snuggle Up Fleecy Pillow Design Go

Snuggy Soft Travel Pillow Design Go

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Silky soft personal pillow is lightweight and perfect for travel. Small sized Snuggle Up Pillow can be packed in your carryon or secured to the outside of your backpack.  Brig your snuggle up pillow with you so you can sleep virtually anywhere. Pillow fabric is completely washable in warm water so you can have a fresh, clean pillow every time you travel.  Larger and much more soft than complimentary airline pillows. Design Go snuggle up travel pillow will make resting that much more luxurious. Bring this pillow with you for the car, train, or the plane. You'll feel more rested with this pillow.

Snuggy Soft Snuggle Up Travel Pillow Design Go Features:

  • Dimensions 4" x 8" x 12"
  • Weight 2.5 oz
  • Material lycra fleeece fabric and foam poly bean filled
  • Style # 416
Slimline enough to wear under clothing and discreet enough to protect your belongings, this passport pouch is an essential travel companion. Its soft, comfy exterior makes it suitable for wearing on long journeys, while the 2 zipped front pockets protect passports, money and other valuables. A handy mesh compartment on the reverse ensures a place for everything.