Briggs & Riley TORQ International Carry-On Spinner 21" Model QU121SP


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Super lightweight yet durable Briggs & Riley® TORQ International Carry-On Spinner hardcase luggage is made of 3 layer 100% Virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate material. This super tough luggage is lightweight and resilient. FREE SHIPPING!

Briggs & Riley® TORQ International Carry-On Spinner has a Briggs & Riley® manufacturer lifetime guarantee.

How to reset your TORQ built in TSA luggage lock

Briggs & Riley® TORQ International Carry-On Spinner Features:

  • Dimensions 21" x 14" x 9" / 53.5 cm x 35.5 cm x 23 cm
  • Weight 8.9 lbs / 4 kg
  • Material is 100% Virgin Makrolon Polycarbonate
  • Capacity 2209 cu. in / 36.2 liters
  • Fits up to 15.6" laptop
  • Outside expansion depth 9" / 23 cm 
  • Style #QU121SP Briggs & Riley® TORQ Collection

Experience polycarbonate perfected with the Briggs & Riley® Torq International Carry-On Spinner. The durability of hardside luggage with the versatility of a traditional suitcase, this carry-on features a lockable front compartment for easy access to a tablet and other quick-access travel essentials. TORQ International 21" Carry On Spinner is available in colors Tech (Black), Ruby (Red), Graphite (Gray)  and Cobalt (Blue).

TORQ International 21 inch Carry On Spinner has a 3 layer triple polycarbonate exterior, making this luggage super durable and will stand up to many trips around the globe. Very lightweight bag with 4 double spinner wheels at the bottom make gliding this suitcase through airport lobbies, busy sidewalks, and airport terminals a breeze. Wide wheel base on the carry on spinner prevents the suitcase from embarrassing tipping over incidents.

Telescoping grab handle on the TORQ International 21 inch Carry On Spinner is located on the outside of the suitcase so you have more room to back in the interior of the suitcase and you have a nice flat surface to pack your clothing and avoid wrinkles. Telescoping handle is super smooth and has three stopping points at varying heights.

Large front compartment on TORQ International 21 inch Carry On Spinner releases at the top front of the suitcase. This front pop open compartment gives you a lot of room and easy access to your laptop, ipad, kindle, headphones while traveling.

On the top of the luggage, there is an integrated TSA approved lock to keep your contents save from theft or your suitcase popping open. Learn how to reset your TORQ luggage lock here >>

Briggs & Riley® TORQ International Carry-On Spinner has soft touch molded side and top handles to make maneuvering your bag into the overhead bin easier. Top and side handles are also helpful for putting your suitcase up on hotel beds or for putting your suitcase in storage. When placing your bag on its side, the TORQ International Spinner has molded side feet to keep the bag clean when it is placed on its side.

On the interior of the TORQ International Carry-On Spinner there is a zippered top compartment which allows for more packing space and keeps your clothing organized and is specifically designed to pack a suit or dress and keep it wrinkle free and free from spills that may happen inside your luggage. Suitcase has a flexible retaining wall to help guide you in packing and make sure your clothing doesn't spill over and make it difficult to zip up your suitcase. At the bottom of the suitcase is a molded compression panel to keep clothes compressed and flat so you can pack more and keeps your clothing neat. At the very bottom of the bag is zippered privacy pocket for even more organizational option.s

Featured Highlights

  • 80/20 top-lid opening allows bag to be packed like a traditional suitcase, offering convenient, easy packing on a luggage rack
  • Flexible Retaining Wall perfectly guides packing process
  • Adjustable Compression Panel keeps clothing flat, minimizing wrinkling and prevents contents from shifting in transit
  • Large U-Zip and mesh lid pockets Simple one-touch operation unlocks hinged front pocket
  • Front compartment's textured hardside material resists scratching
  • Gusseted, zipperless design of front pocket sits flush with bag when closed, allowing an easy fit into the overhead compartment
  • Padded lip slip pocket in front compartment fits an iPad® or tablet in or out of its case Front compartment fits up to 15.6" laptop
  • Front pocket is also perfect for storing magazines, bagged 3 oz. liquids, and other essentials
  • Meets carry-on regulations for most U.S. domestic and international airlines
  • Briggs & Riley fabric bag with drawstring included; protects suitcase when not in use
  • Removable SmartLink™ system strap included Perfect for a 1-3 day trip 3-layer, 100% Virgin Makrolon® Polycarbonate material is high-strength, lightweight, and provides elasticity and resiliency
  • Outsider® handle provides wrinkle-free flat packing interior and greater packing space
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum telescoping handle system with 3 stop heights and ergonomic Outsider® handle grip
  • Molded soft-touch top and side carry handles for comfortable gripping and carrying Integrated molded grab points for versatile handling
  • The Briggs & Riley Control Panel™ with integrated TSA friendly combination lock secures contents in main compartment Smartlink™ strap transports two or more bags as one
  • Durable YKK® racquet coil zippers for smooth, self repairing zipper action; ergonomic, lockable double zipper pulls with gunmetal
  • Ḁnish Molded side feet protect and keep bag clean when placed on side Recessed double spinner wheels for lower center of gravity and effortless 360° navigation; steel components for added durability
  • Exceptionally wide, tilt-resistant wheel base for maximum stability

About Briggs & Riley TORQ Collection

Strength and brilliance at work. The Torq collection is polycarbonate perfected. Durable, lightweight, intelligently engineered and stylishly designed. Torq’s durability is surpassed only by its distinct visual appeal, making these spinners perfect for going miles beyond the ordinary.

Briggs & Riley Torq Suitcase How To Reset Your Combo Lock Video

Briggs & Riley® Torq International Carry On Spinner Suitcase has a built in TSA compliant lock. In this video you will be shown how to reset the combination on your TSA built in suitcase lock. The durability of hardside luggage with the versatility of a traditional suitcase, this carry-on features a lockable front compartment for easy access to a tablet and other quick-access travel essentials. Find written instructions on how to set your TORQ built in combination lock here >>

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Briggs & Riley® has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Briggs & Riley® brand believes that customers are family. When you are family you do what is right. Briggs & Riley® lives by the philosophy that customers are family and should lookout for one another and that is why Briggs & Riley® offers a lifetime repair guarantee on all their bags. If your Briggs & Riley® bag is ever broken or damaged, even if the airline caused the damage, Briggs & Riley® will repair your bag free of charge. To Briggs & Riley® "lifetime guarantee" is more than a marketing strategy; its a sigh of their integrity. Review your Briggs & Riley repair options at

Briggs & Riley® PHILOSOPHY

Briggs & Riley® bags are engineered for reality and knows that when your traveling, your luggage can mean the difference between a frantic trip or a relaxed trip. Briggs & Riley® listens to its customers, who are using the products and design bags for their customers' real world needs.A handle mounted on the outside of a bag to create more room and flat packing. A pocket to hold toiletries or safeguard your passport. An expansion system that adds capacity then compresses your belongings securely in place. In fact, we have multiple patents designed to make travel, well, easier. It ’s innovative thinking like this – never for innovation’s sake – that sets Briggs & Riley® apart. Now combine all that with the only unconditional lifetime guarantee in the business. It’s no wonder our customers are nothing short of Fanatical about our bags. Read more about Briggs & Riley's Philosophy at

Briggs & Riley suitcases are available at Going In Style Travel Store at 609 Stanford Shopping Center
Palo Alto, CA 94304.

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