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Travel Compression Sleeves for Legs Men's Large

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Travel Compression Sleeves for the legs increase circulation and blood flow while traveling. After a long flight it is common to have lower leg pain. These sleeves will eliminate the pain by minimizing the swelling.  Seamless fabric is super comfortable and won't leave indents in your skin from tight fitting seams. 

Going In Style offers Travel Compression Sleeves for Legs for Men in the color Black.

Mens Travel Compression Sleeves for Legs Feature:

  • Size Large / Extra Large height 5' 10" and up - calf size 14.5" and up
  • Helps Prevent DVT
  • Material 90% nylon 10 % spandex

Compression sleeves will increase circulation to promote better oxygen blood flow.  Sleeves have a graduated compression for a comfortable fit and the sleeves reduce edema when traveling.  Alleviates pain, soreness and cramping from sitting in the small airplane seats.

Mens Travel Compression Sleeve is an innovative compression sleeve that will improve the circulation of your legs. Ergonomic Compression Leg Sleeves slide right over your foot and onto your ankle and calf.  Then choose the socks you want to wear with your compression sleeves for legs.  Leg Sleeves have antimicrobial and Graduated Compression Technology.

Compression sleeves a a man's travel essential. Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves help provide runners and all athletes with calf support, shin splint relief, and decreased fatigue. They are the best selling compression leg sleeves worldwide.

The compression leg sleeves were designed to be used for a variety of purposes. They can be worn before exercise for muscle activation, during exercise for injury reduction and optimized performance, and after exercise for faster recovery. Though they were designed specifically for athletic purposes, many customers have experienced benefits from wearing them in a variety of different settings.

Zensah Compression Sleeve for Legs Men are Made in the USA

Washing and Care

Zensah Fabric is not only the most comfortable sports fabric in the world, it’s also durable.  Our innovative fibers and yarns will last through hard training; however, Zensah still needs to be taken care of.  Ideal care for Zensah apparel is machine wash cold and delicate machine dry or hang dry.

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