Travel Digital Alarm Clock Geneva

Digital Elgin Travel Alarm Clock for waking up early while on the road.  Modeled after the now discontinued Timex Travel Clock, this digital clock has a large snooze and light bar.  Large LCD digital display with blue back light makes seeing what time it is easy for tired eyes.  Snooze repeats every 4 minutes so you will be sure to get up and get going on time.  Ascending alarm makes waking up a gentle and non-jarring experience.

Digital LCD Travel Alarm Clock by Geneva Features:
  • Alarm with red flashing light
  • Dimensions 4" X 5" X 4.2"
  • Weight 3.2 oz
  • 2 AAA batteries required (not included)
  • Model # 3502E

Travel Geneva Alarm Clock folds up for easy packing and storage. Compact travel alarm is easy to use so you won't be late.  Red flashing alarm light to help wake you up gently.  The alarm is easy to see in the dark but isn't bright enough to disturb your sleep.  Great for road trips, staying at guests house or simply keeping in your guest room in case a guest needs to wake up early.

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