Travel Game Book Plane Spotter

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Keep your children entertained while waiting in the airport. Identify the airplanes on the tarmac and use this booklet to check out your guesses. Fun for adults too! Bring your Plane Spotter Game with you when you travel by plane.  Plane spotting is a hobby enjoyed by people of all ages.  Learn about the different type of airplanes from Airbus to Boeing aircraft.

Travel Plane Spotter Book Game Features:

  • Fold Out Booklet
  • Weight 3 oz
  • Dimensions Folded 4.24" X 9.25"
  • Dimensions Unfolded 9.25" X 16.5"
Entertain kids when you go on long trips with the Plane Spotter Game. Kids will have fun looking for planes on the tarmac.  Learn about the different type of airplanes such as the difference between a 767 and a 777 airplane.  Plane spotting is an extremely popular hobby enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts around the world.  Sit down and relax as you identify the planes siting on the tarmac.  Plane Spotter game also has information on how airplanes fly, physics and Sir Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion.  Learn about different parts of the airplane with a section about plane terminology. Quiz each other on airplane information and impress your friends with how much you know about airplanes.