Travel Towel Hair - Aquis

Ultra-absorbent and quick drying microfiber towels are great for travel. Aquis towels are made of Aquitex a super absorbent fabric woven together with ultra fine micro-fibers. Lightweight and gentle on your skin this fabric has a unique hydrophillic capillary action that draws up water faster and more thoroughly than other towels. Towel is very soft so not to damage hair and cause split ends. Super absorbant hair towel sucks the water right out of your hair, saving on drying time and you spend less time heat drying your hair.

Going In Style offers the Aquis Travel Hair Towel in a beautiful Ocean Blue color.

Aquis Travel Hair Towel Features:

  • Dimensions 19" X 39"
  • Microfiber material
  • Weight 7 oz

Using a super absorbent towel or hair turban to dry your hair means less blow drying is needed... which in turn means healthier hair. Patented self-securing Hair Turban features a button closure that keeps it firmly in place. Turban works for any hair length. Each microfiber Towel Washcloth or Hair Turban comes inside its own reusable zip bag. Folds up tightly and compactly for easy packing.

Signature ultra-absorbent Lisse Crepe is densely woven from ultra-fine microfibers for a soft smooth finish and feather-light feel. Aquis® Hair Towels are available in Lisse Crepe and Waffle fabrics, designed to absorb excess moisture more quickly, gently and thoroughly than ordinary cotton towels, dramatically reducing blow-drying time for healthier shiny hair. Proprietary

Aquitex® microfiber technology has advanced wicking capability that makes the towels feel lightweight, comfortable and compact, while efficiently soaking up to 50% more moisture than the average material. By minimizing your blowdry time, the towels also reduce the hair’s exposure to heat damage.Aquis® microfiber towels are densely woven from extraordinary fibers that are twice as fine as silk and three times finer than cotton. The unique manufacturing process results in more surface area and greater absorption than any other towel material. Today Britanne Corporation® is the premier supplier of salon and spa-quality accessories that pamper the hair and body—all of them with Aquitex® microfiber technology for a velvety-soft, gentle and lightweight feel. The full collection includes bath towels, sport towels, robes, wraps, body mitts and more.

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