Two Orange Safety Whistles
Orange safety whistle with compass

Travel Safety Whistle with Compass and Thermometer

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Travel Safety Whistle has a compass to find your way and a thermometer to tell temperature in Fahrenheit even when everyone else is telling the temperature in Celsius.  Three in One - A safety whistle, a compass, and a thermometer. An essential survival accessory for hikers of all ages. Survival whistle features a liquid filled thermometer and compass with a luminous compass dial.

Going In Style carries the Travel Safety Whistle with Compass and Thermometer in the color Bright Safety Orange. Each order includes 1 whistle.

Travel Safety Whistle with Compass and Thermometer Features:

  • Nylon Lanyard Included
  • Size 0.7 oz
  • Dimensions 1" X 1.2" X 2.3"
  • Style # 903

Nylon lanyard is included with your whistle so you can wear your whistle around your neck or attach it to backpack or other equipment that is going to stay with you at all times. Equipped with a compass for keeping track of what way you are hiking or traveling in an unfamiliar city and a thermometer for telling the temperature.

Safety whistle is available in the color bright orange, so you can always see your whistle and know where it is located.

Safety whistles are an essential part of your survival kit when you are hiking, camping or spending time outdoors in the woods. In case you wonder off your path, lose your sense of direction, or get injured, you should have your survival whistle at all times so other hikers can find you by following the sound of your whistle.Three blasts from your whistle is a universally recognized sign of distress.

Whistles are also important to have in your disaster gear. Keep a disaster whistle with you at your desk, on your nightstand or on your key chain. If there is a fire, earthquake or other disaster, you can use your whistle so rescuers will know you are there and can find you.

Campus safety and crime prevention is another use for safety whistles. Criminals don't like to draw attention to themselves and a whistle cannot be turned against you like a knife or other weapon can.