Four Mini Travel Rolls of Duct Tape
Pack of Duct Tape in Orange Packaging

Travel Size Duct Tape Four Mini Rolls

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Duct Tape is the ultimate improvisational tool for fixing just about anything.  Take your travel duct tape rolls with you where ever you go in case of an emergency. Mini Travel Duct Tape is a must have for travelers everywhere. When you are in pinch this durable do-anything travel ductape will always come in handy. Convenient mini-rolls are 2 inches wide and 50" long.

Travel size Duct Tape ships with two packs of two rolls - 4 mini rolls total.

Miniature Travel Duct Tape Features:

  • Two 2" X 50" rolls per package - 4 rolls total
  • Industrial strength
  • Weight .75 oz for one roll
Duct tape can be used for just about anything including medical emergencies, gear repair, treat blisters, skin protection, books, luggage, bags, clothing repair and more.  This little, minature duct tape roll will go a long way when you travel.  Two easily packable rolls are great for travel. Leave your big roll of duct tape at home and pack these miniature duct tape rolls for emergencies.  Travel size duct tape rolls will take up hardly any room in your luggage, backpack or medical kit.  Industrial strength duct tape for any repair job will get the job done.  Backcountry portable for hiking, snowboarding, skiing and camping.   Nothing is impossible with duct tape.Industrial strength duct tape in backcountry-portable rolls - the closest thing there is to a "Get out of Jail Free" card.