Travel Toothbrush Holder Brush Guards Design Go

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Turn your home toothbrush into a travel toothbrush in seconds. Lightweight plastic case fastens around the bristle area to keep the head clean and protect against germs. Air vents enable the toothbrush to dry. Brush Guards fit most toothbrushes. Easy to clean. Brush Shields Toothbrush Holders come in a package of four so you have one Brush Guard for everyone in your family.  Keep in toothbrush in your purse or backpack for every day post lunchtime use.

Travel Toothbrush Holder Brush Guards from Design Go Features:

  • Package of Four in Assorted Colors
  • Dimensions 0.5" X 1" X 1.5"
  • Style # 441

Antibacterial toothbrush caps Fastens neatly around most heads Provides hygienic protection and avoids messy wash bags 4 covers per pack. If you're like us, you'll hate having your toothbrush head uncovered and open to the dirty elements. Keep it safe and clean with these multi-coloured antibacterial covers. Assorted colours available.