TSA Compliant Luggage Lock 3 Dial Search Alert


New TSA padlocks allow travelers to lock their bags without the airport security cutting them off at security checks. TSA luggage locks meet the standards set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Each lock features the Travel Sentry™ logo which alerts TSA personnel that they may open this lock without destroying it. Each TSA screening location has a secured set of passkeys with special codes to open locks and will relock them after inspection. Search Alert padlock features a security window that changes color from green to red when any secured device is used.

TSA Approved Search Alert Luggage Lock Features:

  • 3 Dial combination for security
  • Resettable combination
  • Override code and passkey for TSA screeners only
  • Dimensions 1" X 2.5"

Instructions for setting combination and resetting security window are included.

Check in your luggage with confidence next time you fly. The next time you fly use a TSA approved Combination lock to safely lock your luggage. Airline check in personnel and the TSA have been trained to recognize locks with the Travel Sentry mark and know that your luggage can remain locked during check in.  If an inspection is necessary during screening, TSA personnel will use a Travel Sentry secured access device to open and relock your luggage.

TSA compliant Luggage 3-dial Lock has a search alert indicator.  The TSA Search Indicator is present to Green at the factory. Lock will turn from Green to Red if the lock is opened by the TSA. If your TSA Search Indicator is Red when you receive your luggage back, immediately inspect bag for the TSA Notification of Baggage Inspection. If none is found take your luggage to your airlines' baggage claim office to determine if anything is missing or if anything has been added to your luggage.

To reset the TSA Search Indicator

1) Set the dials to the opening combination and pull up the shackle

2) Turn the shackle 180 degrees (1/2 turn) and push the shackle in resetting the search indicator to Green

3) Pull up the shackle and the lock is ready for use

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