Wonder-Roll Self Inflating Back Support

Wonder-Roll is the first and best self-inflating lumbar pillow on the market. Wonder-Roll was designed by a Physical Therapist to relieve back pain associated with sitting.  

The Wonder-Roll can also be used as a neck support. Partially inflate the Wonder-Roll and rest your neck into the cradle of the pillow.

When not in use, roll it, fold it, or flatten it to fit into your smallest carry-on bag or briefcase.  

Wonder-Roll Self Inflating Back Support Features:

  • Deflated 5" x 3" x 3"
  • Inflated 11" x 5" x 3"
  • Adjustable Belt 40" x 1"
  • Hand Wash

The Wonder-Roll prevents slouching by supporting the natural curve of the lower back when sitting. Lower back support when sitting also encourages forward tilting of the pelvis area. When supported correctly by the Wonder-Roll the discs and joints of the lower spine are aligned in a position which mechanically is less stressful, and can help prevent future injury and pain.

With just a simple twist of the special self-inflating valve, the WonderRoll automatically inflates. It's easy to adjust the airflow to find the perfect comfort level for your back. Lean on your Wonder-Roll, and open the valve to set desired firmness and close the valve to maintain the support. It includes an adjustable strap to attach to any chair.  

The Wonder-Roll is the original self-inflating lumbar roll. Designed by our Physical Therapist CEO, the Wonder-Roll decreases strain and relieves low-back discomfort associated with sitting. It makes any chair ergonomically correct, and counteracts poor posture. With a twist of our special self-inflating valve, the Wonder-Roll automatically fills with air. Then with a simple adjustment of the valve the Wonder-Roll conforms to the shape of your spine for the perfect fit.

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