Europe Adapter Plug and European Wall Outlets

Europe uses a two round pin style of adapter plug that fits into Europe's wall outlet that has two round holes to accept the adapter pins.

Before leaving for your trip, inventory all of your electrics and appliances that you will need to plug in.

First look at all of your plugs. If all of your US style plugs only have two pins then you will only need a non-grounded adapter for your trip. If any of your appliances have a plug with three prongs, two flat pins and one round pin, then you will defiantly need a grounded adapter plug for your trip.

Denmark | Italy | Switzerland

When traveling to most countries in Europe, the Europe Adapter Type Plug will be sufficient. However, some European countries use additional adapters, such as Denmark, Italy and Switzerland. Denmark uses a unique, three round pin grounded adapter plug. Switzerland also has a unique grounded plug. Italy uses a grounded plug that has three round pins all in a row. Europe, two pin non-grounded plug will work in Denmark, Italy and Switzerland. Just be aware that these countries all have a unique grounded plug.

Use Going In Style's Adapter Plug A to Z list to check the adapter for each European country you are visiting.

United Kindgom

The United Kingdom uses a completely different set of adapters than most of Europe. UK, including England, Wales, Northern Ireland ect. use a large, square, three pin type of adapter plug. If you are traveling from England to France on your Europe trip, this means you will need two different sets of adapters.

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