Going In Style Background Image

Going In Style Fall 2016 background image is a forest full of birch trees on a crisp fall day. This tranquil forest scene was shot in Aspen Colorado. Yellow fall leaves peak through the field of white birch trees.


Going In Style Spring 2016 background image is a sea of subdued blue umbrellas against a cloudy sky background. You would see this many umbrellas if you where strolling through New York City on a rainy day. A bit of blue sky peaks out from behind the clouds. One lone red umbrella sticks out higher among all the other umbrellas.


Going In Style Fall 2015 background image is a scenic Autumn landscape view of a river at sunrise. The morning sun shines on the colorful, yellow, orange and purple leaves of the trees lining the river.


Going In Style's Summer 2015 background image is a long boat on an island, Krabi Beach, in the country of Thailand. When in Krabi you can charter a long boat to take you around to the beautiful uninhabited islands.


Tokyo Japan Springtime Cherry Blossoms at Night

Going In Style's Spring 2015 background image features the spring cherry blossoms (Sakura) in the twilight at Chdori-ga-fuchi in Tokyo. Chidori-ga-fuchi is a moat located in the northwest of the Imperial Palace. Tokyo’s climate is tropical and humid with mild winters and about one-third of the days out of the year it is raining with the rainiest months being March to October.   Spring is a pleasant time to visit, since the Cherry Blossom Trees are blooming and the temperatures are more comfortable.


Snow landscape
Going In Style's wintertime 2014 background image is a panorama photograph of a snowy landscape in the mountains. Wintertime travel can be just as fun as summertime travel.  Whether you are traveling to a warm sunny destination to escape the cold, or are embracing winter snowboarding and skiing Going In Style has the travel accessories you need to make the going part of your trip a breeze.


Going In Style 2014 Background image is a photo of gorgeous over water bungalows in a lagoon in Bora Bora. Bora Bora is a gorgeous island of the French Polynesia. The French Polynesia is located in Oceania, five archipelagoes (Archipel Des Tuamotu, Iles Gambier, Iles Marquises, Iles Tubuai, Society Islands) in the South Pacific Ocean about half way between South America and Australia. The area is one-third the size of Connecticut. The climate is tropical, but moderate. The terrain is a mixture of rugged high islands and low islands with reefs.