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Travel Security at its best. A few moments thinking about security before your trip can mean an entire trip spent enjoying yourself. Every Pacsafe product is designed for your peace of mind - so you really can get out there and see more of the world. Pacsafe Travel bags feature revolutionary technology ensuring security during your travels.

Many theives succeed when the exposed lower section of bags are slashed allowing contents to drop out without the victim being aware that a theft has taken place. Pacsafe have developed slashproof panels by discretely hiding a layer of eXomesh® between two layers of fabric. These lightweight slashguards are placed in vulnerable sections of the bag, giving protection against a bag slasher’s knives and blades.

A split second while looking at a map or asking for directions is all it takes to cut through a conventional strap or belt. To ensure your bag stays with you, Pacsafe belts and straps are embedded with slashproof, high-tensile stainless steel wire. All Pacsafe securing cables are made from heavy duty steel wire.

Pacsafe bags have a variety of security features to suit your travel needs. RFIDsafe pockets protect against digital theft. Learn more about about RFID. Exomesh slashgaurds protect againt slash and run theft and Lockabout security so no one can unzip your pockets.

Pacsafe offers travel bags and equipment design to prevent theft. Anti theft features are redesigned and evolve as technology evolves. Pacsafe bags are comfortable, durable, functional and offer peace of mind. Pacsafe has been creating, designing and manufacturing innovative, anti-theft travel gear since 1998. When you enter the world of Pacsafe you not only enjoy a high-quality product, you receive world-class, after-sales customer service.

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