Adapter and Converter Website Redesign

Going In Style has been busy revamping the Travel Adapter and Converter website. Key features of the website include a cleaner and more attractive design with a condensed and more organized navigation menu.

Going In Style has added a more user friendly navigation menu so you can find the adapter you need for your trip by searching for your adapter's destination country or search by what region of the world you will need your adapter.

Going In Style has added a shop travel accessories section so you can search for travel products you need in addition to your adapters. So far, in addition to the travel accessories Going In Style already carries, the Adapter and Converter website has added maps, city guides and phrasebooks for customers to shop and will be adding more travel accessories in the future.

An information section has been added so you can learn more about adapters, converters, transformers, electrics, dual voltage by visiting a number of informational pages that contain adapter advice. Customers often have questions about their adapter plugs and hopefully the informational adapter FAQ section can answer most of those questions in adapter frequently asked questions section. Going In Style hopes that you like these updates. Happy Travels!

You can purchase travel adapters plugs locally at our flagship travel store at Stanford Shopping Mall in Palo Alto, California. We carry adapter plugs, converters, travel phone chargers and travel appliances for every country in the world at Going In Style Travel Accessories, 609 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA 94304 - Visit the Stanford Travel Store website for directions Going In Style.