Adapter Plug for iPhone 8

How will you charge your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 when you travel? Most Apple products charge via a two prong, nongrounded plug, therefore you will need a nongrounded adapter, that corresponds with the country you are traveling to, in order to charge your iPhone 7.

You can easily search for the adapter or adapters you will need for your destination country using our adapter list of countries listed alphabetically from A to Z. Simply click on the letter of the country you will be traveling to, then click your destination country.

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In order to charge your iPhone 7, you will need the Basic (nongrounded) Adapter Kit with the black adapter(s). Alternatively you can purchase a grounded (beige) adapter and that will work to plug in your iPhone as well. Many customers order the Deluxe Adapter Kit so they can have extra adapters. Having additional adapters means you can charge your iPhone 7 and your iPad at the same time.

Another adapter option is a USB adapter plug that allows you to charge your iPhone and / or iPad via a USB charging cable. Going In Style offers a dual USB adapter with 2 USB ports and an AC outlet so you can charge 3 devices at once. 

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You can purchase travel adapters plugs for your iPhone 8 and iPhone X locally at our flagship travel store at Stanford Shopping Mall in Palo Alto, California. We carry adapter plugs, converters and travel appliances for every country in the world at Going In Style Travel Accessories 609 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA 94304 - Visit the Stanford Travel Store website for directions Going In Style.