Adapter Plug Naming Convention - What Do The Adapter Letters Mean

Many customers ask about the adapter naming convention. Finding the correct adapter for the country you are visiting can be confusing. Going In Style has a unique naming convention for our adapters. Other companies name their adapters differently. Lets take a look at Going In Style's naming convention.

Non Grounded Adapter Names

Non Grounded Adapters are named A, B, C, D, E and F. The A plug is the North America non grounded adapter plug. An adapter plug can work in many different countries. A North America plug will work in Canada, United States, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, etc. These are all countries in North America. However, the North America Plug also works in Japan, Korea and Vietnam. These countries are not in North America. Adapters are given a one letter name and then matched to the countries that use that plug.

Grounded Adapter Names

Grounded adapter plugs are given a three letter name. Going In Style's grounded adapters are named GUA, GUB, GUC, GUD, GUE, GUF, GUI, GUZ and GUS. The North America grounded adapter plug is named GUA. GUA plug works in most countries in North America and also works in some Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan and Thailand. 

Adapters are given a short lettered name so the adapter type can be easily identified and matched to its appropriate country.

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