Charging a Phone When Traveling To Europe

Traveling to Europe with a Samsung Galaxy phone? How will you charge your phone so you can stay connected and post all those beautiful instagram photos of the London Bridge and Buckingham Palace? #instatravel

When traveling to Europe with a Samsung phone you will need to take along the correct adapter for your destination country. Most countries in Europe including France, Denmark, Italy use the Continental European two round pin adapter plug. Going In Style carries a new adapter plug for Europe that has two USB ports for charging your Samsung Galaxy and your tablet at the same time with a USB charging cable. Simply plug the adapter into European wall outlet and plug your USB charging cable into the bottom of the adapter.

Going In Style's new Twin USB Port Europe adapter plug is a great choice if you are looking to charge your phone, tablet, and e-reader on your next trip to Europe. Nongrounded Europe adapter accepts polarized nongrounded electric plugs as well if you need to plug in your camera battery.

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