My Adapter Wont Accept My Power Plug - It Is Too Tight

Some customers are concerned when it seems as though their power plug wont fit completely in the female side of the adapter. Your power plug will fit, you just need to push hard the first couple of times you use your adapter. The adapter plugs are designed to fit snuggly so you have a tight connection.

The alternative would be if the power plug fit loosely, then there would be safety issues. Your power plug could fall partially out of the adapter and cause electric shock. For safety, Going In Style adapter plugs are designed to fit tight.

The first few times you use your adapter the connect will be very snug, but will loosen up after a few uses. If you are having trouble inserting your power plug into the back of your adapter ask someone who is stronger to help you push the power plug in all the way. Then disconnect the power plug from the adapter and insert it again. Do this a few times until the adapter loosens up and your power plug glides in more easily.

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