Tea Length Mycra Pac Raincoats

Mycra Pac Tea RaincoatUpdated: 07.09.2020

Long Mycra Pac Raincoats are currently available seasonally. If you would like to be added to the waitlist for long Mycra Pac coats please contact Going In Style. The Tea length raincoat is still a popular length, however the sizing names have changed. Mycra Pac's updated size naming can be found here >> https://www.goinginstyle.com/blogs/news/mycra-pac-size-chart-conversion

  • XS is still XS
  • Petite is now Small
  • Small / Medium is now Medium
  • Medium / Large is now Large
  • 1X is still 1X

Tea length Mycra Pac Raincoats have replaced the long Mycra Pac raincoats and have been a huge hit with customers. Tea length hits about the middle of the calf depending on your height and is an excellent coat to wear to run errands or for a more formal event. Mycra Pac Tea raincoats popular for travelers as the coats are fashionable, lightweight and fold up into a matching tote bag. 

Mycra Pac Tea Raincoats are available in sizes XS (00), Petite (0), Small / Medium (1), Medium / Large (2) and 1 X. Tea Mycra Pac Raincoats are available in a variety of colors. Going In Style carries Mycra Pac raincoats in the colors Sapphire (medium blue), Red (brick), Bronze (Chestnut-Brown), Nickel (Grey) and Scroll (Black with raised scroll design). Mycra Pac Tea raincoats also come in seasonal colors such as pink, green and light blues, however these colors are not available year round.