Water Drinking Tips

It is important to stay hydrated while you travel especially when traveling by plane. Airplane cabins have low humidity and dry air. Staying hydrated can help you avoid jet lag and feel better when you arrive at your destination.

Water Drinking Tips: 

  • Drink water with every meal and snack
  • Drink water instead of soda or juice when you're thirsty
  • Even when you don't feel thirsty have a glass of water
  • Drink a glass in the morning to start your day and jump start your digestive system
  • While you are deciding what to eat have a cup of tea or water
  • Flavor your water with tea or different water flavorings -  you can buy already made flavoring or make your own
  • Spice up your water with cucumbers, lemon, frozen berries, rosemary or mint
  • When you are drinking alcohol, have a glass of water or soda water between every drink and add a garnish for fun
  • Remember soup, juice and foods have water  
  • Download an app to keep track of how much water you are drinking throughout the day
  • Keep water with you so it is convenient to drink
  • Buy a fun water bottle that you want to show off
  • Remember to drink water between doing sets at the gym
  • Try warming up your water, its comforting and good for you - many cultures drink their water warm
  • Try sparkling water

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