Mycra Pac Donatella Raincoat Length Guide


Mycra Pac Raincoat Lengths Mini Short Tea Long

Mycra Pac Donatella raincoats come in four different lengths, mini, short, tea and long. Mycra Pac measurements are taken from the back of the raincoat from the nape of the neck down. The following Mycra Pac measurements are of the medium size Mycra Pac coat.

Mycra Pac Length Guide:

  • Mycra Pac mini is 31 inches in length
  • Mycra Pac short is 38 inches in length
  • Mycra Pac tea is 43 inches in length
  • Mycra Pac long is 51 inches in length

Many customers wonder about the differences in lengths of the Mycra Pac Donatella outerwear. Going In Style has created this guide to help you choose the best length for you.

Mini Length

Mycra Pac mini length raincoat is the shortest length of raincoat in the Donatella style Mycra Pacs. Mini length raincoat, in size medium (preciously named S/M), is 31” measured from the back of the coat, at the nape of the neck, below the hood, to the hem. The hem of the mini raincoat hits below the hip bone to about mid thigh, depending on the height of the wearer and the size of the mini coat. Mycra Pac mini is a great coat for petite women under 5’4” in height. Mycra Pac is a loose fitting oversize coat and not structured and the longer lengths could overwhelm a petite frame. Mycra Pac A-line mini coat is a very flattering coat for shorter women. Mini length Mycra Pac is also a great choice for taller women that want a more casual coat.

Short Length

Mycra Pac short length coat is the second shortest option of coat measuring 38” from the nape of the neck to the hem on the medium size coat. Short length hits between the mid thigh and the knee depending on the height of the wearer and the size of the short coat. Above the knee short Mycra Pac coat is another length flattering on petite women. Women of any height can style their short Mycra Pac Donatella raincoat with knee length dresses, long cardigans, or above the knee boots. Sneakers also pair well with the short Mycra Pac jacket.

Tea Length

Tea Mycra Pac coat is the second longest Donatella raincoat available and the longest raincoat Going In Style carries all year round, as the long length coats are seasonal. Tea length size medium is 43” measured from the nape of the neck to the hem and hits below the knee to mid calf depending on the height of the wearer. Petite women that are looking for a longer, more formal coat to wear to formal weddings or the opera, choose the Mycra Pac tea. The tea length Donatella is also a great option for our taller customers.

Long Length

Mycra Pac long raincoats are the longest of the Donatella coats. Size medium long coat measures 51” from the nape of the neck to the hem and hit mid calf to the ankle depending on the height to the wearer. Mycra Pac long coats are a seasonal style of coat that are usually available before the holidays. Long length Mycra Pac is only available as a seasonal item.