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Mycra Pac Raincoat Designs are expertly sewn, with the highest regard to detail, in San Franscico, California and NYC. Now you can have your Mycra Pac Raincoat shipped to New Zealand. These alluring, designer raincoats can be purchased from Going In Style Travel Accessories and mailed Internationally to New Zealand. Going In Style ships your Mycra Pac Rain Coat USPS Priority Mail International.  For more information on shipping your Mycra Pac Rain Coat to England visit our International Shipping page.

New Zealand is known for its stunning outdoor landscape and unique local flora. The fashion landscape of New Zealand is just as breathtaking as the local scenery. New Zealanders love their bright colors and floral prints paired with subdued hues, yet their fashion style is still practical for everyday wear. Mycra Pac Raincoats make the perfect wardrobe stable for any Kiwi woman or traveler visiting New Zealand. These rain jackets are lightweight and can be thrown on at a moment's notice whether you are commuting to work or touring Wellington's beautiful attractions such as Old St. Paul's Cathedral and the World of WearableArt. The coat cinches in at the waist for a more girly fit, yet is roomy and comfortable to move around in. These rain jackets combine style and practicality with the oversize hood that doubles as a stylish accordion style collar. Best of all you can wear your Mycra Pac coat with any outfit. 

Mycra Pac coats can brighten up your wardrobe with a pop of color, or you can reverse your reversible Mycra Pac rain coat to the neutral black side and pair it with a colorful pair of skinny jeans. Mycra Pac Rain gear will protect you from the rain while still looking fashionable and put together. When the rain stops, you raincoat can easily fold up into its own cute, matching tote bag that can be carried around town or can pack away in a travel suitcase. These raincoats are durable and classic and will last you for years to come.


New Zealand is a remote island located in Oceania. It is compromised of two main land masses. It is an island in the South Pacific Ocean, just southeast of Australia. Other neighboring countries include Fiji, Tonga and Norfolk Island. Because of the island's remoteness, it was one of the last landmasses to be settled by humans. Since New Zealand had a long period of isolation it is also homes to many unique plant and wildlife including a large number of unique bird species. Despite New Zealand's relative small size, it is about the size of Colorado, it is home to many active and dormant volcanoes including White Island Volcano, Papakura Geyser and Mt Tongariro Volcano. 


New Zealand's climate is mild, yet has sharp regional contrasts. New Zealand's mountainous terrain and large coastal plains influences its complex weather conditions. The far north part of New Zealand has subtropical weather, while the southern part of the island can be very cold in the winter.

New Zealand has a wide range regional rainfall.  Some parts of the island receive upwards of 250 inches (6401 mm)of rainfall per year.  Most regions of New Zealand receive about 35 inches (890 mm) of rain annually.  Most of the nation's population lives in the capital city, Wellington.  Wellington receives 51 inches (1300 mm) of annual rainfall.


New Zealand had seven international airports to choose from when planning your travel to New Zealand. Most international travelers fly into either Auckland Airport of Christchurch Airport. Once you land in New Zealand there are a variety of transportation methods for getting around the island of New Zealand. You can rent a car or a motorcycle. You can fly to one of the domestic airports, or buy a bus ticket. There are also ferry and water taxis. 

New Zealand has visitor information centers located throughout the island. The visitor information center can help you plan your activities, book accommodations and transportation. The people working at the visitor information centers are local travel experts and can recommend great local attractions and restaurants. At the visitor center your an also find free maps, and weather information. It is a great first stop before you begin your journey through New Zealand.


  • Canoeing
  • White Water Rafting
  • Skiing
  • Nature Hikes
  • Lord of the Rings Tour
  • Shopping
  • Casinos

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To learn more about New Zealand visit the CIA World Factbook.

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