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Going In Style travel store was founded with the goal of offering the most complete and in-depth selection of travel accessories possible. Our store offers thousands of travel products – including travel appliances, travel luggage, portable comforts, voltage adapters, travel clothing, laptop bags, money belts, packing aids and organizers. We constantly look for travel products that make the going efficient, comfortable, and more enjoyable. So whether you're planning a quick trip to Europe or a round the world excursion, Going In Style is your single source for travel accessories.


Travel pre-flight prep

  • Prepare yourself for a long flight. To avoid additional stress make sure your luggage is packed days ahead of time and arrive to airport with plenty of time to spare. Check in electronically through the airline's website to minimize standing in line at the airport. 

  • Know the TSA airline rules and regulations to avoid airport inconveniences and discomforts. Check our travel information resource page for links to TSA pages.

  • Double check foreign document requirements. Many countries require documents other than your passport. Some countries require a visa, while others require complete blank pages in your passport.

  • Great travel accessories to help prepare you for your flight include packing organizerspassport travel casestravel toiletry kitspill organizers and packing cubes and folders.

In-flight travel comfort

  • During your flight the goal is to be as comfortable as possible. Dress comfortably and be sure to layer as plane cabin temperatures do fluctuate. 

  • Surround yourself with comfortable travel accessories. Think neck & lumbar pillowscompression socks and sleep masks

  • Bring disinfecting wipes for your tray table. Unfortunately they are rarely cleaned so it's a good idea to give a quick wipe before you use it.

  • Stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 ounces of water for every hour you're in the air. 

  • Try to move your body. Stretching is great to keep the blood flowing and the muscles limber. 

When you arrive to your travel destination

  • Upon your arrival, take care of yourself. Drink plenty of fluids, unwind, relax and eat simple foods for the first few days. 

  • After arrival get outside in the sunlight so your body can reset its natural time clock to coincide with your destination. 

  • Unless you are used to taking short naps you are better off staying awake until the natural bedtime, but If you are extremely exhausted try a 20 minute nap to help refresh.

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 Travel tips, tricks, packing checklists and great travel gear


Adapter Finder

Adapter Plug chart with voltage information for each country which will help you to determine whether or not you need a converter or a transformer to change the voltage for your American appliance. 

Travel Packing Checklist

Pack everything you need with our comprehensive travel packing checklist. For your convenience many of the items are linked to travel accessories you can purchase right here. This handy little gem will ensure you don't leave home thinking you forgot to pack something. It also includes pre-departure tasks as well as a home checklist!

Comfort Travel Accessories

As times have changed from the days when the act of traveling was considered glamorous travelers have been forced to deal with less leg room, smaller seats, over-crowded flights and security check hassles. We've compiled tips and travel accessories to make the going efficient, comfortable, and more enjoyable.

Travel Information, Resources & Quick Links You Need to Check

Handy links for travel information, TSA guidelines, passport renewals, Embassy locations and more.

Packing Tips for Perfectly Packed Luggage

No need for stuffing, pushing or jamming your luggage. Follow our guide on what to bring and how to make it fit!

Our Picks for Top 10 Travel Accessories

We've gathered our picks of the top ten travel accessories you shouldn't leave home without.

Airline Regulations for your Carry-on Baggage and Checked Luggage

Things can get a bit confusing when carry-on restrictions vary from airline to airline as well as from airplane to airplane. Check out our general guidelines on what you can take on and what fees you might encounter.

TSA Regulations for your Carry-On Luggage and Bags

Travel information and restrictions on what TSA will and won't allow. Stay up-to-date with the MyTSA Mobile app feauturing handy tools and functions.