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When traveling through the countries and islands of the Caribbean these adapter plugs allow you to plug in your North America appliances into Caribbean wall outlets.

Deluxe Adapter Kit: Includes 8 adapters and ships Priority Mail

Standard Adapter Kit: Includes 4 grounded adapters.  

Basic Adapter Kit:  Includes 4 non-grounded adapters.

The Caribbean Region is a beautiful travel destination composed of over 700 islands.  The country of Aruba, the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands are some of the most popular Caribbean travel destinations. 

When traveling to a foreign country it is important to remember to take along the correct adapter for each country you will be visiting. With the Caribbean Complete Adapter Kit, you will be sure to have the correct adapter to charge your smart phone and operate your hair dryer when you are traveling abroad.

The Deluxe Caribbean Adapter Plug Set comes with a total of eight adapter plugs and includes both grounded and non-grounded plugs. Going In Style's Deluxe Adapter Plug Kits always ship Priority Mail with tracking so you will have your adapters to you in time for your trip.

The Standard Caribbean Travel Adapter Kit comes with four grounded adapter plugs to plug in your three-prong, grounded devices.  The Basic Caribbean Adapter Plug Set comes with four non-grounded adapter plugs to plug in your non-grounded, two-pronged devices into Caribbean wall outlets.  If you are not sure whether you will need grounded or non-grounded adaptors for your trip, watch Going In Style's Adapter Video showing grounded and non-grounded plugs.

Adapter plugs allow electrical connections up to 240 volts. An adapter plug does NOT change the current or voltage (this requires a converter) unless your appliance is dual voltage. A non-grounded adapter may NOT be used with appliances that have grounded plugs; for these you will need a grounded adapter.  If your hair dryer, curling iron, electric razor is not dual voltage you will most likely need a converter to use your electric.  

Many of our customers find it handy to have multiple adaptors while traveling - either to run several appliances simultaneously or simply as a backup.

Why do I need a North American adapter?

Even though a country uses North American sockets, the sockets are not required to be polarized. Since devices such as laptops have a polarized plug with one prong wider than the other, you may still need an adapter to use your plug in this country.

Deluxe Kit Features:

  • Nine adapter plugs
  • Priority shipping upgrade
  • Handy travel bag
  • Going In Style Caribbean Adapter Model GIS-000-A-GUA

Standard Kit Features:

  • Five grounded adapter
  • CE Certified 
  • Going In Style Caribbean Adapter Model GIS-000-A-GUA

Basic Kit Features:

  • Four non-grounded adapter
  • Polarized plugs
  • Going In Style Caribbean Adapter Model GIS-000-A-GUA

Going In Style Kit Features:

  • Polarized adapter to fit polarized plugs (one prong larger than the other) 
  • Allows connection up to 240 volts
  • Enables United States appliance plugs to fit into foreign outlets
  • Enables Europe appliance plugs to fit into foreign outlets
  • An adapter plug does NOT change the current or voltage (this requires a converter).

Going In Style Grounded and Non Grounded Adapter Plug Travel Video


Grounded Adapter Plugs

If you are traveling with a grounded United States dual/multi-voltage appliance or using a grounded Transformer you will need to use a grounded adaptor plug. A grounded United States plug has two flat blades and one round pin.

Non-Grounded Adapter Plugs

Going In Style offers non-grounded adapter plugs for use with your voltage converter, transformer, or dual/multi voltage appliance. A non-grounded United States plug has two flat blades.

Cycles: 50 Hz vs. 60 Hz.

Many countries in the Caribbean operates on 110 volt electricity and is generated at 50Hz (Cycles) Alternating Current. United States 110-120 volt electricity is generated at 60Hz (Cycles) Alternating Current. This difference in cycles may cause the motor in your 60Hz United States appliance to operate slightly slower when used on 50Hz foreign electricity. Most modern electronic equipment including battery chargers, computers, iPods, etc., will not be affected by the difference in cycle.

Always check to see how many volts your destination country operates on before you travel.

Always check your appliances before your trip to make sure all of your appliances and electronics are dual voltage.  If an appliance is not dual voltage you will need a converter.  

Computers and Apple Products

If you are traveling overseas with a Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Asus, laptop or Apple device such as an iPad, chances are you won’t need a voltage converter. Most laptops are multi-voltage and will operate on voltages ranging from 100 to 240 volts. However, computers do need to make safe connections to foreign power systems and a surge protector is recommended and you will still need an adapter to use your plug.

Converter- Changing Current Voltage

Going in Style adapters allow electrical connections up to 240 volts. Adapter plugs DO NOT convert voltage and only change the configuration of the pins. When voltage conversion is needed, use an electricity converter. An electricity converter changes the voltage input into your appliance. The United States electrical appliances operate on a lower current of 110-120 volts AC (Alternating Current). Most of the world operates on 220-240 volts AC. Therefore converter units enable your electronic and non-electronic appliances to run on foreign electricity (220-240 volts) to match the voltage requirements of your 110-120 volt device. Failure to run your appliance with a converter could damage your appliance.

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