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Janie Stick Stain Remover

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Austin House Janie Stick is an all natural, solvent free, spot & stain remover cleaning stick, that comes with a built in brush. A combination of natural earth clays absorb the stain. To use, simply apply the Janie Stick to the stain area, watch it dry, and brush away both the powder and stain. No water is needed. Stick removes most oil and grease based stains on all fabrics. Safe for all clothing fabrics and does not leave a ring. Stain remover is safe for any fabric type and fabric color.  Keep you Janie Stick with you in your home, office, purse and when you travel.

Made in the USA.

Janie Stick Dry Stain Remover Features:

  • Size 3" Long
  • Weight 0.4 oz
  • Made in USA
  • Style # 6-4040

Janie Stick is like nothing you've ever used before - Dry spot cleaner absorbs grease, oil and dairy based stains such as milk and coffee spills.  Janie Stick is completely natural and contains no solvents.  The ultimate dry stick spot cleaner can be sued on all fabric such as clothing, carpet and upholstery.  The powder stick goes on dry, absorbing stains.  Just wait 3 minutes after application, then brush the powder away leaving a like new appearance.  This process may need to be repeated with larger stains and spills.  Spots containing sugar, flour or milk may retain powder and should be dry before applying Janie to the stained area.

Janie is a non-toxic, non-flammable and odorless spot remover.  It never leaves a ring.  Laundry stain remover stick is simple, safe and easy to use.  Kepp a Janie stick handy at home, the office and when traveling.