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Quiet Zone Travel Ear Plugs Design Go

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Block out the most annoying sounds with Design Go Quiet Zone Travel Ear Plugs. High quality silicon sound filtering earplugs for all your traveling needs leave you in peace and silence. Exhausted travelers are always looking to sneak in a nap while waiting at airport terminals, pool side, on planes, trains or buses. However, when you are traveling it can be difficult to nap when surrounded by so much noise. These attenuated silicone ear plugs are the perfect solution to quiet a noisy room. Air flow channels allow constant pressure between inner and outer ear for a more comfortable fit.

Quiet Zone Travel Ear Plugs by Design Go Feature:

  • One Set of Ear Plugs
  • Two Sets of Filters
  • Easy Fit Applicator
  • Zipper Travel Case 3.1" X 2.6" X 0.7"
  • Weight 0.7 oz
  • Soft-fit Silicone Material
  • Material Thermoplastic
  • Style # 894

Ideally suited to those travellers particularly sensitive to snoring, these innovative sound filtering ear plugs have interchangeable attenuation filters to reduce both low and high frequency sound. Made from good quality silicon, the high frequency filters block out general noise, while the low frequency filters drown out low frequency sound such as snoring.

Sound filtering attenuation ear plugs will soften to the shape of your ear canal using the warmth of your ear. Yellow filter blocks out low frequency sounds like snoring. White filter blocks out high frequency sounds. Hygienic zippered travel case keeps your ear plugs safe in your luggage or carry on.

Note: Read all information and instructions before use and only use as directed