Mycra Pac Umbrella Dona Coat
Mycra Pac Dona Mini Black Vine Coat

Dona Mycra Pac Umbrella Coat Mini Black Vine

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Mycra Pac Dona Umbrella raincoats in color black vine are perfect for the stylish and efficient traveler. Includes a Go travel umbrella. Mini length Dona coat hits mid thigh and features a beautiful raised, velvety vine design for an extra touch of elegance. Mycra Pac flocked vine Dona raincoats are perfect for unpredictable weather to protect you from the rain, wind and sunshine.

1X Raincoats are SPECIAL ORDER

Mycra Pac Mini Size Chart

Mycra Pac Raincoat Features:

  • Single breasted button up front
  • Reversible
  • Long sleeves button at cuff
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Hits mid-thigh
  • Nylon / Polyester Blend
  • Made in the USA

Sophisticated flocked vine design makes this one of the warmest Mycra Pac womens coats available. Velour like textured scroll pattern adds weight and warmth the the coat. Furthermore, the plush vine design makes this coat a bit heavier than the other Dona Mycra Pac coats. Mini vine MycraPac raincoat is reversible to solid black so its like having two stylish coats in one. Mycra Pac Mini Dona raincoat comes with its own travel bag to protect your coat from spills and mishaps on your travels. All Mycra Pac raincoats are meticulously sewn in the USA. Visit Going In Style Mycra Pac Raincoat and Rain Gear website. 

Mycra Pac Mini Donatella Sizing Guidelines & Size Chart

  • XS = Size 2-4 Coat Length 29"
  • PETITE = Size 6-8 Coat Length 30"
  • SMALL / MEDIUM = Size 10-12 Coat Length 31"
  • MEDIUM / LARGE = Size 14-16  Coat Length 32"


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