1 X Magnifying Mirror with Suction Cups to Attach to Bathroom Tile
Telescoping Mirror with Suction Cups
Side View of Telescoping Mirror
Close Up View of Suction Cups
Telescoping Mirror Extended Fully
Travel Case for Mirror

Travel Shaving Telescoping Suction Mirror

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Telescoping Suction Travel Magi Mirror offers a hands free mirror to apply makeup close up while staying in hotel rooms or at a friends house. The dual 4" mirror magnifies 2 X on one side and reflects a regular 1 X magnification image on the other side.  Fog resistant, unbreakable travel mirror with travel pouch. Attaches to any smooth glass or tile surface. Mirror folds to 8 inches and can be stowed away in its own Travel Case.

Telescoping Travel Suction Mirror Features:

  • Size 5 x 8.5"
  • Mirror Size 4"
  • Weight 6 oz
  • Fog resistant
  • Telescoping arm extends up to 30 inches
Telescoping Travel Suction Mirror is one of our best selling travel mirrors. The mirror extends to 30 inches and folds flat to 8 inches long. The travel mirror is optical quality, perfect for shaving or applying makeup in hotel or hostel bathrooms. Mirror is fog resistant so you can use it in the bathroom. Travel pouch is included so you can fold your mirror up and pack it in your suitcase and not scratch the surface. Magnification mirror can flip from true image side to 2X magnification side for a super close look.  Three suction cups hold fast to any smooth surface and is easily removable when you need to pack up and go.

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