Travel Fan Personal Mini Micro Design Go
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Travel Fan Personal Mini Micro Design Go
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Travel Fan Personal Mini Micro Design Go

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Tiny Portable Micro Fan is perfect for trips or daily use. The blade retracts neatly and the fan can be easily placed into your pocket. The fan is discreet in size, but is deceptively powerful. Keep a fan with you in your purse, car glove box, backpack and carry-on luggage. Take your fan with you everywhere - to the gym, subway and traveling by plane.

Available in colors Purple (Maroon) and White

Personal Micro Mini Fan Features:

  • Micro motor 10,000 rpm
  • One AAA battery included
  • Retractable blade
This is one of the World's Smallest Fans. The micro pocket fan runs on one triple aaa battery (one is included with package). The fan runs on a 10,000 rpm micro motor. The pocket fan will give you a nice refreshing breeze whenever you need it. Made of compostable plastic material. Great for cooling off and feeling fresh after a long day of sight seeing. The propeller can offer ventilation and aeration on a humid day. The powerful, portable fan will offer a gust of fresh air to the tired traveler.