Silver Metallic Wire Mesh Cosmetic Bag by Walker Made in USA 4 x 5"

Mesh Silver Wire Travel Cosmetic Bag 3.5 X 5" Walker

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Silver Wire Mesh Small 3.5 X 5" Cosmetic Case is a small flat bag that is perfect for organizing smaller beauty essentials such as bobby pins, hair clips, lipsticks, alcohol disinfecting wipes and more. Metallic silver mesh, see-through design lets you easily see everything you packed at a quick glance. Walker bags are super lightweight and perfect for travel. Don't let smaller beauty odds and ends fall to the bottom of your makeup bag, organize your small-scale or travel size beauty supplies in this small 3.5 X 5 inch mesh cosmetic case. See through mesh design means you can see what you packed. Walker bags and arm wallets are hand made in USA since 1978.

Flat Silver Metallic Walker Mesh Cosmetic 3.5 X 5" Bag Feature:

  • Material 100% Metallic Wire Weaving
  • Zipper Closure
  • Extremely Lightweight 1 oz
  • Dimensions 3.5" X 5"
  • Made in USA
  • Style #010M-05

Non-gusseted bags are great for mini - travel size, flatter items such as eyeliner pencils, credit cards, alcohol wipes and lipstick.

Walker Silver Metallic Wire Mesh Toiletry Bags are one of our most popular travel organizational item. See-thru mesh design is great for double checking your packing list before you leave on your trip. Just quickly glance at your see through mesh bag without even opening it to make sure you remembered to bring all your essential smaller beauty items, bobby pins, hair clips, lip sticks, lip balm and more.

Walker Mesh Bags are see-thru and incredibly lightweight - great for organizing small items. These unique mesh travel bags are as versatile as they are tough. Use the travel bags to store contacts, contact solution, razors, travel shaving cream, deodorant and cologne. The mesh design of the bag is sturdy and keeps your toiletries secure, while still being able to see what you have inside of your bag. The mesh clutches can be used for make-up or toiletry items while the smaller flat mesh cases can be used to hold lipstick, eyeliner, currency or credit cards. The silver wire mesh bags are made from woven wire threads.