Green Gel Eye Mask Hot Cold Compact
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Green Gel Eye Mask Worn By Woman Relaxing in Bathrobe in Bed

Eyes Gel Pack Hot or Cold Eye Mask

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Eyes Gel Eye Pack is a hot cold compress eye mask made for soothing tired eyes.   Use the cold therapy eye mask to soothe puffy tired eyes and to relieve headaches. Hot therapy is great for treating sinus infections and a stuffy nose. 

Going In Style carries the Eyes Gel Eyes Back Bilateral Hot Cold Medical Grade Compress in the color Green.

Gel Pack Hot or Cold Eye Mask Features:

  • Size 7" x 3"
  • Material medical grade non-cracking, non toxic, flexible PVC
  • Style # CE - 102

The Eye Compress is made of a medical grade, non-cracking,non-toxic,flexible PVC thermoplastic membrane that conforms gently to the eye area of treatment. Unlike cheaper eye packs the gel never actually freezes - but remains soft and pliable even at temperatures as low as 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Clever anatomical design keeps the gel distributed evenly over the treatment area for better cold and hot therapy.

Cold therapy reduces swelling by slowing the flow of blood and other fluids to the treatment area. In general cold therapy is the preferred treatment for tired or puffy eyes.Heat therapy increases blood flow by dilating the blood vessels and bringing valuable repair nutrients to the treatment area. Heat is useful for treating stys or sinus congestion. Heat therapy should not be used on any injured area until after the first 72 hours.

Treat your puffy and tired eyes.  Helps ease headaches and tension when you are not feeling well.  Can also be used as a first aid compact. Eyes Pack Gel Hot or Cold Medical grade bilateral eye compress is soothing refreshing relaxing an is the perfect accessory for beautiful eyes.

Eye mask can also be used for preoperative and post-operative uses such as post-blepharoplasy, post-cataract surgery or post permanent eye liner tattooing. Gel Eye Compress is latex free.

Bilateral Medical Grade Green Eye Compress, therapeutic hot/cold pack for Pre-Op and Post-Op uses, adjustable, reusable and latex free. Therapeutic hot/cold eye and face packs are specially designed to conform to the face and contours where the application of a hot/cold compress therapy is required. It is manufactured with a special PVC FDA-approved non-toxic plastic material filled with non-freezable gel that is guaranteed not to freeze or harden at cold temperatures.

Therapeutic Hot/Cold eye compress provides relief from sinus pressure, eye strain, or puffy eyes. Simply keep the Eye Gel Pack in the freezer compartment between uses to keep it cool for cold therapy. And it can be heated up if you wish to use it for hot therapy. Use it over and over again.

Hot and Cold Compress Eye Mask is made of medical grade, latex free, non-cracking flexible PVC. Easy to use eye mask lets you have a spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Eyes Gel hot / cold compress eye mask can also be use post operation to ease swelling caused by medical operations. Gel eye mask will help you fall asleep even when you are not feeling your best.