The Snoozer Inflatable Neck Pillow Design Go

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The Snoozer is an inflatable neck pillow that has a patented flat back design that is provides a snug fit around your neck, without pushing your neck forward. Travel neck pillow is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Lightweight travel neck pillow comes with a carry case. Snoozer Head Rest Pillow folds down super small and compact for travel - just slide it into its protective matching carry case. Inflate your Snoozer Inflatable Neck Pillow after your airplane hits maximum altitude. The Snoozer Pillow will let you sleep like a baby even if you have to sleep sitting up on your airplane flight.

The Snoozer Inflatable Neck PIllow by Design Go Features:

  • Flat back inflatable pillow
  • Material PVC
  • Dimensions 3" X 7" X 11"
  • Weight 3.5 oz
  • Style # 447
A description probably suited to your travel companion, so you may as well join them with this clever little invention. The Snoozer is an inflatable travel pillow that fits snugly around your neck and has a patented flat-back design. Patented flat back design keeps your head and neck from falling forward when you sleep sitting up in your airplane seat.