Two Pack Flipper Travel Toothbrush Cover in Colors Blue and Pink
Blue Travel Flipper Hygienic Tootbrush Cover
Suction Cups Toothbrush Holder for Travel
Demonstration of Toothbrush with Flipper Holder in Color Blue
Packaging of Flipper Travel Toothbrush Holder

Travel Toothbrush Holder Flipper

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Flipper tooth brush holder features double suction cups that adhere to mirror or tile. Simply flip open or closed and keep your toothbrush accessible, covered and ventilated. Toothbrush cover is perfect for traveling. Set of two means you have a cover for yourself and one for a friend.

Comes in a set of two and ships in various colors. 

Flipper Travel Toothbrush Cover Features:

  • Pack of two
  • Automatically snaps open and closed
  • Style # 80136

Flipper toothbrush holder is a hygienic toothbrush cover for traveling with your toothbrush. The flipper cover automatically snaps open and close .  Suction cups on the back of the Flipper toothbrush holder easily adhere to your bathroom mirror or tile so you can store your toothbrush off of the counter.  Take your toothbrush with you in your purse, carry on, or backpack and don't worry about it getting dirty.

Cleaning your Flipper toothbrush holder is easy - just wash in warm soapy water.  To revitalize suction cups, soak in hot water. 

To Use Your Flipper Toothbrush Holder

  1. Find a smooth, flat surface, such as a bathroom mirror or bathroom tile, to place your Flipper.  Moisten the suction cups with water, and press the Flipper firmly against the surface.
  2. With a finger, push the Flipper sideways until the two halves stay open.  You can use the small flap at the bottom of the Flipper to help you.
  3. Simply push and insert your toothbrush by the handle - the Flipper will snap shut automatically.  To remove your toothbrush, pull it towards you - Flipper automatically opens for your toothbrush.

How to Use Your Flipper Toothbrush Holder Video




While the bathroom is a place for us to freshen up, it is also a humid environment conducive for bacteria growth. Every time we flush, droplets of contaminated water drift into the air, along with germs that can cause diseases like gingivitis. However, many people simply leave their toothbrushes around in the bathroom, rendering them exposed and vulnerable. Flipper helps to protect your toothbrush from these invisible menaces. It is an innovative design that protects your toothbrush within an enclosure while still being very intuitive to use.

Benefits of the Flipper Toothbrush Holder:

  • Stores Toothbrush hygienically
  • Opens and Closes with One Touch
  • Keeps Toothbrush Ventilated
  • Fits Almost Every Toothbrush
  • Move it Anywhere
  • Converts into a Travel Case

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